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GTA IV Windows 7 64-bit LAG!!!?

why does my computer lag? its making me really mad these are my spec: Processor Type Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Processor Speed 2.5GHz RAM 8 GB DDR2 Hard Drive Speed/Capacity 1 TB (7200 RPM) SATA Optical Drives 16x Super Multi DVD±R/RW Graphics ATI HD4650 Pre-loaded Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Ogame Hack NO SURVEY?!?

I was looking to download the ogame hack, but every place I went to download it, there was alwaysa survey in which I had to input my mobile number and agree to pay the compnay that did the survey $40 per month! Can anyone either: Find a site to download the ogame hack with NO…

Can I seperate my Second Life clothes into different files?

There’s this outift I wear, and occassionly I’m obviously going to be changing clothes and I don’t want to be searching all over the place to find my outfit when I’m ready to put it back on, so can I put it all together into one file so I can get to it easily? Thanks.

Samckdown vs raw 2008 Ps3 help..?

heyy friends just wanna know tht how can i unlock stonecold steve austin and the rock in smackdown vs raw 2008 game.. like what shoud i do to unlock them..??

Anyone Who Has A Build A Bearville Account Read This!

There Are A Few Things I Would Like To No About Build A Bearville 1. When Does The Newspaper Change? 2. I’ve Seen The Chloe Show With Corbin Bleu But Who Is The Guest Star After Him 3.What Is A Towel Code?

Team Fortress 2 Error.

When I start up team Fortress 2 it works untill I connect to a server. Once I connect to the server the game exits out and says that I am out of OS paged pool memory. What is this and how do I fix it?

why cant i aim as good as i used to in Call Of Duty Black Ops?

i was playing COD Black Ops about a couple of days ago my aim was good and everything but now everytime i go to aim i shoot everywhere but where i want to shoot. Ive tried lowering my sensitivety, change y button layout, ive tried changing alot of stuff but no luck. Whats Happening to…

Seeing MSN is going to close their cribbage room next month, is there another sight comparable to this.?

Seeing MSN is going to close their cribbage room next month, is there another sight comparable to this.?

How do you make a talking plush?

I want to make a talking plushie that when I press a place on its body it will talk. What do I put in it to make it do that? I know they have them at build a bear..

Charizard X for Y!!!!!!!?

Trading my X stone for the Y stone FC:4399-0035-2754