Can you get beldom in pokemon pearl or do you have to maigate it from emeral etc.

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  • FLUMPS 3399

    April 18, 2016

    no, it does not need to be migrated.
    beldum is a swarm pokemon.
    which means, after you receive the national dex, you must go to your rival’s house in sandgem, and talk to the little girl.
    she will tell you of a (randomly chosen) swarming pokemon, and its location.
    beldum is on route 228.
    there is a trick to this, however. you can continually skip ahead days using your ds settings.
    what i do: talk to the girl, she tells me the swarming pokemon, if its not what i want, i save, shut off ds, turn it on, and set the time to 23:59. then i save the settings, reset the ds (b/c you have to), turn on the pokemon game, and talk to the little girl once the time has shifted to 00:00.

    it may take a while, but its an easy way to get rare pokemon. also, beldum has an annoyingly high catch rate, level with most legendaries.
    and the area in which you cach him is in a sandstorm, so i suggest bringing a steel pokemon. and also, bring a ghost; beldum knows only take down, so as soon as you get his health low, he will use take down, and the recoil will faint him.

    swarm route 228
    sandstorm route
    bring many many ultra balls
    steel/ground/rock pokemon
    ghost pokemon
    hyper potions

    good luck
    hope this helps


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