May 17, 2016

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – How to Grind Vocation Levels, EXP & DP Easily

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - How to Grind Vocation Levels, EXP & DP Easily

For those who have beat Dragon’s Dogma’s main story thread (Spoilers for after the first set of credits), here’s a neat little way to grind vocation (job) levels and discipline points (DP), which are in turn used to buy new abilities in game for the various classes.

Here’s how you do it:
1) This trick requires you to have completed the ‘core’ game (by beating the Dragon at the end of the game), unlocking the post-game content.
2) Go and do the quest that appears with the Duke. After this, Guards are now Hostile.
3) Travel back to the Noble Quarter of the Capital. The guards will immediately aggro to you, but they will NOT attack your pawns.
4) Run to the Church. You can reach the walls around the church by clambering up them. When stood atop them, the guards cannot harm you – but your pawns will obliterate them, and they won’t defend themselves. Go eat, watch a movie, do whatever – you’ll slowly level up your vocation and gain DP to spend.
5) Either exit the captial or enter the rift at the nearby riftstone to stop the guards from chasing you so you can spend those points or shift vocations.
6) Repeat to your hearts’ content!

Keep in mind that you’re not going to gain much EXP to level up from this method – the guards aren’t worth enough EXP, and grinding a single level would take hours. This is ideal for unlocking new levels of vocations, though, and works much more quickly for that.




thank you :) it is a useful tip

Imperial Guard

holy shit this is so much better than skeletons




Pro Tips:

1. Throw your main pawn into the Everfall – to release them – before you do this. Your main pawn shares XP and DCP with you. After you gain however much DCP/XP/Levels you want, reclaim your pawn from a Riftstone and watch as they catch back up to your level in no time – the game will give them a huge XP boost automatically in order to keep you at or near the same level.

2. Hire a Sorc(s) that will spam Miasma. They will continuously drop fat AoE's on the knights that will one-shot them; often times several of them at once. This increases your kill/farm speed tremendously.

Doing this on Hard Mode without your main pawn and also using hired pawns 25 levels lower than your Arisen (can't recall if they steal XP, so I'm unsure if low-level hires are necessary; play it safe unless you know/test) can net you over 300 XP per kill and several levels per hour. Keep in mind it will slow down a lot once you are level 150+, as required XP to level gets up to the several hundred-thousand range; but still worth doing while you sleep, etc. Though honestly I only recommend this method if you've beaten the game before and have no interest leveling certain vocations.

Landon Barrington (Whispelle)

Lol and here I am still on console increasing my vocations quicker by killing seagulls.


.. happen to know fastest way for gold farm?


Good video. I've seen one or two others detailing the same method, but yours is better articulated and more concise.

Дмитрий Примаченко

Ty 4 a useful tip

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Thanks for sharing it’s really helpful for me.

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Thanks for sharing it’s really helpful for me.

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