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Is Donkey Kong Country still fun to play today?

Is it worth getting on virtual console? And if so which should I get first? and which is best?

Should I buy myself a Nintendo 3DS?

So I really like the Ninentdo 3DS and just would like the opinions that anyone has on it (especially if you own one) .. and yes I’ve researched the PSP2/NGP but I personally would rather own the Nintendo 3DS. Also if you have any tips on how to convince my parents to let me by…

some funny, good skits … ?

heeey :) im off to camp and every year we do a skit infront of the rest of the camp, any ideas of a funny, good skit we could perform ? :) thanks a bundle ?(:

Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

I’ve just gotten my pass to Carmite Cave, and I want to know how to tame monsters and own them. Please tell me how to do this?

Fred Flintstones Pac-man(-ish) knockoff?? Help!?

A long time ago I had a pacman-ish game that was the flintstones… does anybody know what this game is called, or where I could find it?? Help is very much appreciated! Thank you :)

What’s the most disappointing boss battle?

For me it has to be the final boss in Metroid Prime. A giant spider? That was lame. Add to this gameplay mechanics that were as boring as bat s*** and you have The Worst Final Boss Ever. It’s the only boss I never bothered to beat. He was difficult, no doubt, but mostly I…

I am in PVE realm in wow how can i pvp in it.?

I dont want to switch right but i am wondering how should i pvp in it. And also please tell me how to join a guild.

modern warfare 2 drop shots tutorial help?

i’ve been playing modern warfare 2 for 6 days and i c pple drop shooting but wen i do it myself i attend to get killed then me kill the guy i need a video of some sort or wen discriptons

Vroengard Academy Sverd Private Forums

ok so i just started playing vroengard academy and i was wondering how to get to the sverd private forums because whenever i go to teams and click sverd then click forums it always puts this message up for me You are trying to view a special forum for the Vroengard Academy. Your current account…